La Majella – Some impressions from a 3-day round trip

As the caption advises, this post is meant to share a few impressions from our 3-day round trip to the beautiful and remote Majella mountain range – June 8th-10th 2014.

Departing from the small village of Fara San Martino we would encounter much more (very wet) snow than we had expected in early June. Seems we had brought the wrong footwear and, worse still, no gaiters – with the obvious result: completely soaked shoes, socks and trousers.

However, we managed the taxing ascent via the east ridge of Monte Acquaviva and, – after crossing several corniced ridges and standing on some of the major peaks, had a great (though bitter cold) overnight stay on the summit of Monte Amaro (2793m). The view at sunset alone would have been worth all the toil. But, like always, there is much more to this …