Astray amid the clouds

Anyone who’s into hillwalking (or mountaineering) might agree to the assertion that the mountain will teach you a different lesson every single time you go out to challange it. As capricious weather conditions and very low hanging clouds, for example, are no uncommonness one should be prepared to face extremely poor visual conditions. – “Well, no problem for me. I know every inch of these slopes.” – After our recent visit to an area well know to myself, I will not easily be arguing this way, anymore.

Fundamentals: bring your compass! After a very swift ascent to the south ridge we would find ourselves smothered by thick (and wet) clouds. The summit was hard to miss, but the descent would hold a great surprise. While scrambling down again a sudden crack in the clouds revealed a rather unexpected view. The initial surprise, however, soon gave way to a creepy insight: I had misjudged the geographical features and failed direction by almost exactly 180°!

Ok, once our position was determined, it was no big deal to find a safe way down. I could also use this unanticipated opportunity and took a close look on some couloirs I will definitely try out this winter. Still, – basic lesson refreshed: I won’t be leaving again without making sure that my compass is with me.

Here below I will share a few impressions from this short but intense and instructive trip admid the September clouds.