Crushing gear on “Il Monte”

The name alone made me want to climb it: Il Monte (the Mountain). What a name for a … mountain. And, indeed, from a northern direction, especially from the south ridge of the nearby Monte Volturino (1,835m), the almost pyramidal shape of “Il Monte” (1,737m), locally also known as “Il Monte di Viggiano”, is a true eyecatcher. On a quite frosty October morning we started out for some scramble fun on its steep and rugged north-west ridge.

The ridge is a very nice climb and, if you should be looking for some ropeless climbing on the Lucanian Apennines and bring some creativity, it might offer interesting passages that exceed by far its rating F/II+.

One of this passages, overhanging and hard to scale without combining some fairly trippy body twists, should become the end of my small pocket camera, a loyal companion during many trips to the back country. One minute’s silence …

Monte Volturino from the NW ridge of Il Monte

Well, I felt sad … and angry at myself. Hadn’t I crushed it, most stupidly, between my thigh and the limestone rock? So, not many pictures from this actually very nice climb and, in the afternoon, a stroll through the autumnal beech forest and a visit to the summit of Monte Volturino.

I guess I will have to get back to that ridge one day. Something to look forward to…

The last picture ….