Celsa Bianca – South ridge

December 2015, little snow and bad weather conditions all month long. A few days before the turn of the year and the urge to follow the summons of the mountains prevailed. A long hike and, what I didn’t know at the time, the last solo effort for a long while. I started from Colle d’Impiso to a trip that would take me to Pollinello but later turned into an extended scramble up the south ridge of Celsa Bianca (2,047m) and further on … 

A rather improvised and illogical walkabout, indeed, but sometimes it feels right to simply follow your first impulse and accept seemingly odd detours.

At the end of a long day I had also touched the summits of Serra DolcedormeMonte Pollino and Serra del Pollinello and got back to the trailhead Colle d’Impiso with my headlight well after sunset.

Here a few impressions from a true ‘bastard’ of a hillwalk that had it almost all: great views, some easy but delicate and exposed scrambling on broken rocks, snowy slopes and a tremendous sunset on the descent.