Cresta della Rocca, Oratino

Like any opportunities to clear one’s mind this plague year conceded, opportunities for climbing have been few and far between. Unlikely times, unlikely places. Molise, a beautiful mountainous region usually overshadowed by the more popular ranges of the Abruzzi Apennines, has actually quite a lot to offer. One of its many hidden treasures, La Rocca di Oratino, is a solitary rock formation topped by the weathered keep of a medieval castle.

Apart from the remnants of the castle and an annexed hamlet, both obliterated by a cataclysmic earthquake in 1456, this curious spot accomodates a bunch of sport climbing and trad routes, the latter being of recent date. For our first visit, we decided for Cresta della Rocca, without doubt, the most panoramic one and of moderate difficulty (PD-, IV+ max, A0).

And, indeed, this seemingly odd choice turns out to be at the root of some memories I would not want to miss. I guess we were simply having fun. Boy, that’s rare these days!


It seems that neither of us cared much about taking pictures that day. So, here is just a small handful of snapshots from a different perspectives:

The 3rd pitch (or perhaps the 4th) …
Oh, the rope drag!
Belay with a view. What a lovely place!
Up and down, up and down, up…
… easy but fairly exposed scrambling above the treetops.
Rocca di Oratino, keep of a medieval castle.

ROCCA DI ORATINO – CRESTA DELLA ROCCA, Valle del BifernoMolise (12.07.2020)

One thought on “Cresta della Rocca, Oratino

  1. Excellent post and very nice description!
    Also, really nice to see at the end of the route there is a medieval castle.

    Somehow, this ridge you have climbed, reminds me two (similar) ridges I have climbed in Greece.
    Should you be interested, feel free to check them out on the links bellow:

    Again, thank you for the nice post and I will certainly keep on following your blog.

    Tanti saluti dalla Grecia

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