Celsa Bianca – South ridge

December 2015, little snow and bad weather conditions all month long. A few days before the turn of the year and the urge to follow the summons of the mountains prevailed. A long hike and, what I didn’t know at the time, the last solo effort for a long while. I started from Colle d’Impiso […]

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Twenty Four Hours – Majella

A warm and sunny November weekend, too warm indeed for the advanced time of year, and I felt, once more, that I had to follow the call of “Mother Mountain”, how the locals use to call the splendid Majella range. The idea I came up with: explore an apparently seldom frequented area, spend a quiet […]

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Late autumn hike: Monti Alburni

Late October … the last tired leaves falling from the branches of the beech trees. With the days getting sensibly shorter and the circle of life approaching its nadir, I thought it time for a long and meditative hike. The decision fell on the mountains of the Alburni range, in particular: Monte Panormo, Monte Tirone and Monte Urto.

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Crushing gear on “Il Monte”

The name alone made me want to climb it: Il Monte (the Mountain). What a name for a … mountain. And, indeed, from a northern direction, especially from the south ridge of the nearby Monte Volturino (1,835m), the almost pyramidal shape of “Il Monte” (1,737m), locally also known as “Il Monte di Viggiano”, is a true eyecatcher. […]

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