Late autumn hike: Monti Alburni

Late October … the last tired leaves falling from the branches of the beech trees. With the days getting sensibly shorter and the circle of life approaching its nadir, I thought it time for a long and meditative hike. The decision fell on the mountains of the Alburni range, in particular: Monte Panormo, Monte Tirone and Monte Urto. Advertisements

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Crushing gear on “Il Monte”

The name alone made me want to climb it: Il Monte (the Mountain). What a name for a … mountain. And, indeed, from a northern direction, especially from the south ridge of the nearby Monte Volturino (1,835m), the almost pyramidal shape of “Il Monte” (1,737m), locally also known as “Il Monte di Viggiano”, is a true eyecatcher. […]

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Scrambles on Monte Sellaro

September. Weekend and neither in the mood for longer hikes nor for lying on the beach all day. As our original destination, the “Via Ferrata del Caldanello”, had been declared off-limits by a decree of the local authorities we had to come up with a new plan. The nearby Monte Sellaro (1,439m) seemed a natural choice.

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Monte La Caccia … twice

August already drawing to a close and, finally, the long anticipated return to the splendid Orsomarso mountains! This time, as a group of three, three exciting days of hiking through the mostly pathless wilderness. Our main destination: Monte La Caccia (1,744m), the summit closest to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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