Monte Vesuvio – … through the backdoor

Is a volcano, strictly speaking, a mountain? Definitions vary according to whether geomorphology or plain geography is considered the determinative factor. There is no doubt, however, about Mount Vesuvius being both a volcano and one of the best known geographical features of southern Italy. As a quite unlikely fallback option, we climbed it in January … More Monte Vesuvio – … through the backdoor

“Well, all right… Direttissima!” – Cima delle Malecoste

Three days of hiking and climbing in the hiemal Grand Sasso range. YEAH! Forecast has been rather auspicious. And so are the snow conditions. But oh, the trying approach! Almost two hours behind schedule for the ill-famed North ridge of Cima delle Malecoste, we concede – reluctantly – that a late start might spell trouble. … More “Well, all right… Direttissima!” – Cima delle Malecoste

Monte della Nuda – Monti Alburni

The Alburni mountains are part of the Subappennino Lucano. Approaching from the south or east they can easily give the impression of being just wooded hills. Observed from the north or west, however, these mountains present themselves as a seemingly interminable line of imposing cliffs, an almost unscalable looking wall of grey-white limestone. In fact, the name … More Monte della Nuda – Monti Alburni

A white corridor – Celsa Bianca, Canalone centrale

At times, returning from a winter climb on the southern flanks of Serra Dolcedorme,  the eyes can get caught by a peculiar detail of the precipitous escarpment which characterizes the south-east face of Celsa Bianca: a straight line that rises from the valley floor to meet the ridge. Over time this white corridor became an object of … More A white corridor – Celsa Bianca, Canalone centrale

Via dei Lupi – Almost a winter’s day …

Clouds had been hovering over the Pollino mountain range for quite some days now. The forecast had been predicting snow. Well, a couple of inches, at the most. Just enough to trick one into believing that winter finally had arrived. Of course, it hadn’t. But with a “winter” (February 2016) so scarce of snow, being picky would seem … More Via dei Lupi – Almost a winter’s day …