Vernal Direttissima – Dolcedorme

Early April, thawing period. Vernal air and the southern sun are hard at work and soon the remains of the last winter snowfall will be reduced to memory alone. Very last call for the relatively easy but long and strength-sapping routes that climb the south face of Serra Dolcedorme. What better way to salute this mountain than with […]

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Celsa Bianca – South ridge

December 2015, little snow and bad weather conditions all month long. A few days before the turn of the year and the urge to follow the summons of the mountains prevailed. A long hike and, what I didn’t know at the time, the last solo effort for a long while. I started from Colle d’Impiso […]

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Twenty Four Hours – Majella

A warm and sunny November weekend, too warm indeed for the advanced time of year, and I felt, once more, that I had to follow the call of “Mother Mountain”, how the locals use to call the splendid Majella range. The idea I came up with: explore an apparently seldom frequented area, spend a quiet […]

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Late autumn hike: Monti Alburni

Late October … the last tired leaves falling from the branches of the beech trees. With the days getting sensibly shorter and the circle of life approaching its nadir, I thought it time for a long and meditative hike. The decision fell on the mountains of the Alburni range, in particular: Monte Panormo, Monte Tirone and Monte Urto.

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